Create the best learning experience for your teams by integrating the O’Reilly learning platform with the tools they already use. Our integrations make it easier for users to find and access O’Reilly content, and for admins to manage usersand reporting.

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Platform access

Single sign-on (SSO)

Enjoy a seamless login experience

SSO allows your teams to automatically sign into their O’Reilly account through your company’s identity provider. Plus, it can help you automate user management and createdeep links.

Provided through SAML 2.0, which is supported by mostidentity providers.

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System for Cross-domain IdentityManagement (SCIM)

Easily manage usersat scale

With SCIM, you can take an automated approach to managing O’Reilly users at scale. Integrate with your company’s identity provider or with our SCIM API for simpleruser management.

Provided through Okta, Azure AD, and ourSCIM API.

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Finding content

Search API

Discover quality content

Your teams get easy access to O’Reilly right from your learning experience platform (LXP). Our search API updates your LXP with the freshest content, includes descriptions and cover images, and is easily customizable to meet yourspecific needs.

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O’Reilly Answersfor Slack

Quickly find andshare answers

Give your teams access to O’Reilly through Slack, where they can ask any tech question and get trusted answers. O’Reilly Answers provides relevant snippets of content to share with others right in Slack and get the full context in thelearning platform.

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Insights API

获得国际新闻社ightsthat matter

Sync O’Reilly with your own reporting system to keep your teams’ usage data in one familiar place. Our Insights API pulls in the raw, fine-grained data you need to create any custom report and includes a flexible RESTful API that’s easy to set upand use.

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